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Velika’s design is classic, filled with luxurious fabrics and quality components,  
but the true test is how good you’ll feel when you wake up.


The Perfect Balance of
Comfort and Support

Breathe Easy Discover How the Velika Bed is Different from the Rest

Velika contains only environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials. Now you’re an eco-friendly consumer while getting the best sleep of your life.



The Fact About Velika

The Velika Mattress

Velika is a Hand-Tufted Two-Sided Mattress. Hand Tufting is a traditional way of manufacturing mattresses, where tufts are driven through the mattress at regular intervals and secured at each end. Hand-tufting results in a relaxed sleeping surface where the mattress conforms to your body.

The Velika Duvet 

On top of your Velika mattress, we use a Duvet Cover with Two Comfort Choices ranging from ultra plush to medium firm. The Duvet cover is a combination of latex, wool, and cotton wrapped in a cover of Turkish Wool and Rayon making it 100% sustainable.

The Fact About Laska

The Laska Mattress

More information coming soon!

The Laska Duvet 

More information coming soon!

Suggested Retail

Velika Suggested Retail

Velika is a sleep ensemble consisting of the following components: Duvet Cover, Mattress, and Foundation.

$5,000 $6,500 8,500

Laska Suggested Retail

Laska is a sleep ensemble consisting of the following components: Duvet Cover, Mattress and Foundation. 

$2,500 $3,500 5,000

Comfort and Support

Our mattress is the perfect balance between comfort and support resulting in the best quality sleep you’ll ever experience. Our Two-Sided Hand Tufted mattress is the gold standard in craftsmanship, while our Duvet comfort top provides a changeable sleeping surface.

Patented LifeEdge™

The LifeEdge™ coil unit features side rails made up of our narrow-diameter Quantum coils with steel coils at the head and foot.  LifeEdge™ side rails deliver enhanced support at the edge of the bed. Head and foot coils offer a more supportive edge than foam encasement.

Side Sleepers 

Why is side sleeping the best position? It’s the only position that allows the spine to straighten out. There’s also very little pressure on the spine when you lay on your side. If you sleep in the fetal position it takes even more pressure off your lower back.

Cotton is Breathable

Cotton is cool and acts as a natural thermal barrier. Cotton naturally allows your skin to breathe and does not trap heat. 

Latex is Eco-Friendly

Talalay Latex, a sustainable extract from the rubber tree,  is nature’s perfect material for making comfortable long lasting mattresses. Latex is also antimicrobial and dust-mite free.

Organic Wool

Our pure New Zealand ORGANIC WOOL is intuitively blended with a hint of White Jasmine flora for softness.  ORGANIC WOOL delivers total-body comfort with unrivaled breathability, humidity control and moisture wicking, assisting your body’s natural temperature-regulation process.

Just a Little Technical Information

Until the 1990's...

Until the 1990’s most sleep studies focused only on men. Today, sleep studies also focused on women, not ony because they sleep but women make most of the decisions when it comes to buying bedding.


62 -64 Percent are Side Sleepers..

Studies found that 62  to 64 percent of people are side-sleepers. To break this down further: 68 to 70 percent of women sleep on their side and 49% to 52% of men sleep on their side


Features of the Velika Mattress and Duvet

We started with a two-sided mattress filled with latex and cotton on each side to insure lasting support.


Wool and rayon quilted to organic wool


Layer of Latex-Both Sides


Quilted Cotton


The Life Edge® unit

  Retailer Testimonial
Longs Bedding, NY.  New York


Since 1911 Longs Bedding, has been renowned for selling to movie stars and the rich as well as the famous.  After considering the Velika, I was delighted to add it to my floor where it was positioned against a prestigious collection of mattresses.

Within two days of taking delivery, I personally sold my first Velika to a longtime customer.  The customer and I agreed that the Velika would be perfect for the customer’s aches and pains.  The customer revealed that their decision to purchase the Velika over a solid latex mattress was heavily influenced by the Velika’s sustainable qualities.

- Bob Long


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