Velika Worldwide Limited Warranty
by Eclipse International

The Velika Assurance of Quality

Velika warrants that this product is free from defects in workmanship and materials and will remain serviceable under normal use and service for the warranty period, beginning with the date of purchase by the consumer, subject to specific limitations and exceptions subsequently set forth in this warranty.

If this product develops defects for reasons other than misuse or neglect within the Warranty period, for the mattress and foundation of 15-years non-prorated, the mattress and/or foundation will be repaired or replaced, at the factory’s option. The customer is responsible for returning the product to the dealer from whom purchased, or to Velika’s nearest factory location, exclusive of transportation costs.

Velika will refuse service if the product is found to be stained, soiled, in unsanitary conditions, or when product failure is due to causes of misuse or abuse, including folding or bending. 

We Stand Behind Our Warranty

Velika warranties are made only to the original retail purchaser and do not cover merchandise purchased as used, secondhand, or distressed.  These warranties do not cover normal wear and tear.

Various components utilized for comfort and support layers vary and may settle and compress due to the individual user. This “settling” or compression is not a structural or design defect but is a normal, expected result.  Compression of the upholstery of 1.5 inches or less is NOT considered to be a defect of the mattress. 

Mattress handles are only to be used for positioning the mattress on the foundation. Never use the handles for lifting or carrying the mattress.  Handles are not covered under this warranty.

A Queen or King bed requires a frame with a center support in order to validate the warranty.  This provides additional support needed to realize the bed’s benefit for the entire warranty period.

In the event identical materials are not available to be used in the replacement or repair of the mattress or foundation, Velika reserves the right to substitute other materials of equal or higher quality.

Proof of purchase and the date of manufacture of the product are required. The law label on the mattress or foundation will serve as a means of establishing the date of manufacture.  Removal of the law label will void this warranty.  A sales or delivery receipt will serve as proof of purchase.

All implied warranties shall be limited to the period of this Limited Warranty unless otherwise required by applicable federal or state law.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and consumers may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Get the Most Out of Your New Mattress

Now you can relax and enjoy your new bedding, but there are certain things you can do to assure greater satisfaction and durability. Rotate your mattress from side to side as well as end to end to give uniform wear on the mattress. Never stand or jump on your mattress. To lessen the chance of refusal of warranty services because of unsanitary conditions, we suggest the use of a mattress cover.


As Time Goes By

As you enjoy your bedding, it will begin to show signs of normal aging. Slight body impressions may appear in the normal course of use, and some changes may occur in the support characteristics. These qualities are an indication your bedding is adjusting to your body to enhance the comfort characteristics and should not be considered manufacturing defects.

We’re Here If You Need Us

If you have followed the procedures described in this warranty and a problem has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may write to us directly. Please relay all the necessary information concerning your bed and send your letters to the address below. Eclipse, 1375 Jersey Avenue, North Brunswick, NJ 08902.


How to Care for Your New  Mattress and Duvet

Body impressions are a good indicator of contour comfort.  When they occur, this means that Velika mattress construction is conforming to your body’s personal, individual contour and leveling to its final position.  A body impression is not a structural defect, but a normal indicator of your Duvet’s engineered performance.  Your Velika mattress actually improves with use!

 Always keep your bedding clean.

 A mattress pad or mattress encasement is recommended.

 Duvet Top – our Duvet tops provide a relaxed changeable sleeping surface for a refreshing naturally healthy sleep. We offer sustainable materials of wool, cotton and natural latex. Cool and breathable to sleep naturally.

 Select your preferred comfort. One side of the Duvet is firm while the other side is plush. The Duvet top carriers a 5-year warranty.

 The Duvet top does not substitute as a mattress pad.

 The Velika Duvet is a hand sewn and assembled comfort pad.  The Natural fibers breathe and conform to your body. Depending on body movements and weight of individuals, The Duvet may stretch and have impressions. This is normal wear.

 The Duvet top cannot be machine washed.  A professional upholstery cleaner is needed to properly clean the duvet cover.